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Why Attitude Is the Most Important Factor When Hiring Employees

Uncategorized Feb 13, 2023
Kristy Yoder
Why Attitude Is the Most Important Factor When Hiring Employees

Are you always interested in learning how the rest of the world works? You must love traveling then. Exploring the world has become a fad to people, the young and the old. But for busy entrepreneurs who need to keep an eye on their business, traveling is a hard-to-reach goal. Learn from Malcolm Teasdale, how he traveled the world and worked for his business simultaneously.

Malcolm is an expert in the field of engineering and telecommunications. Through this work, he traveled the world for decades and learned much. But eventually, he had to quit the job, and the traveling stopped. Not knowing what to do when he has traveled all his life for business, he came up with a decision that would favor him. And that is to travel more. But this time, going to places that he wanted to go.

Though it may sound easy, peasy, and pure pleasure to travel the world and go where you want, Malcolm took the experience as something he could use for himself and his business. He started writing books about his travels, both business and personal. His travel books reflected all his experiences comprising adventures and trekking all over Australia, Asia, Europe, South and Latin America, and Africa. He always believed that he would do it while he could because life would end one day, and we must make the most of our time on earth while we're here.

As Mark Twain said, "twenty years from now, you'll be more disappointed with the things you didn't do rather than things you did do."

It's Always a Continuous Learning Process

For Malcolm, wherever he goes is a learning opportunity, whether personal or business. He likes meeting people and learning about foreign cultures. He always aims to create a benchmark for different gauges he needs. Although he enjoys traveling solo, he shared that there are some places where you can't travel alone.

He has already published five books about his travel experiences worldwide. At first, some books written were plain, simple, and from a different perspective. One book was revised by about 30% after writing it because of the timeline it was written, mostly an unfiltered version of places that used to be never traveled by typical tourists. 

On Choosing People For The Company

Starting his business from scratch was hard. From being a technical guy and engineer, he needed to become a sales guy for his business. The company grew dramatically with adequate planning and compelling storytelling, and major organizations started licensing their product. 

When choosing employees, someone with a good attitude is often preferred over a skilled and well-trained individual. Passion for work is always vital for a team member. Ultimately, he always believes that people can always be trained and educated. Attitude, commitment, and passion are crucial factors needed to be considered. 

In Retrospect and The Present

Looking back, Malcolm wished he had traveled more when he was younger. Though he did not regret the typical stride of life after university, he still believes that he could have discovered more and learned more when he started traveling young.

Currently, he continues to travel to learn more. The world is evolving fastly, and if, in six months, your business can't keep up, you will be out. He always looks for something that interests him for better learning. 

Ultimately, he believes that you should delegate to people you can trust. Only travel overseas and do business if you have someone you can delegate to with complete trust. It is a self-inflicted injury to have no one to trust in your company. Time is short; a business owner needs to be on top of everything and cannot afford to procrastinate for the good of the team. 


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