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Overcoming Fear, Breaking-Through, and Thriving in Life and Business

Kristy Yoder
Overcoming Fear, Breaking-Through, and Thriving in Life and Business

The yearning for freedom is a universal human trait, but not everyone is prepared to put up the necessary effort to achieve it. However, Ashley Light discovered her talent in using entrepreneurship to gain back her freedom and take control of her destiny.

Are you a business owner seeking to break through fear and doubt in your business? Taking the leap of faith in times of uncertainty and struggle can be daunting, but it's also an opportunity for growth. As a business leader, understanding your fears, taking risks and embracing change will help you make breakthroughs that have the potential to revolutionize not just your business, but even the world. In this blog article, let's explore how Ashely Light as an entrepreneur and business coach teaches us to take ownership of our fears – turning them into strength – which helps us create real transformation within our business.

Get your time, freedom and life back through facing your doubts and fears. If you still run your business with fear and doubt inside you, chances are your strategies will not be as effective if you don’t tackle your inner obstacles first. You are the owner of your business and you need a genuine mindset shift in order to grow your business with power and confidence. Having doubts and fear is normal, however, they are also a major reason why businesses don’t succeed.


How Ashley’s Coaching Career Started

Ashley Light is a gifted teacher by heart. She has been coaching her friends even before she started her business. As a naturally curious individual who loves learning and exploring, she had various different jobs before. Loving new experiences and feeding her curiosity, Ashley has been teaching children, doing child therapy, and teaching behavioral principles and parental strategies for ten years. Coaching has always been a part of her lifestyle. 

The turning point of her career started when she decided to become a business coach. During the pandemic, she was already doing it to friends and family and that made her realize that she can venture out into becoming an entrepreneur. Besides, her strong desire to live a freedom-filled lifestyle became her main motivation to start building her own business. She always wanted to handle her own time, go anywhere she wants, and do anything she likes while earning money. She believed that having a business is the answer to that. 

She was fearful at first, because at that time, she had a full time job. She admitted that she was stuck in fear and doubt if her business will survive. Unfortunately, it didn’t. She allowed months to pass without doing anything for her business. And that experience taught her a lot about fears and doubts entrepreneurs face that affects their business.


When Looking for A Business Coach

For people and entrepreneurs who are in need of a business coach, Ashley believes that money should not be the number one factor to be considered. Hiring a business coach is the same as investing. You invest in yourself, and not in the knowledge that will be passed to you. Fixing your inner self before jumping into the nitty gritty world of entrepreneurship is an ultimate good move in order to succeed.

For Ashley’s experience, hiring a coach and learning from them is one thing. Facing her inner turmoil is another. Coaches can only help you as long as they can, but she ultimately believes that at the end of the day, you will still have to face yourself and overcome your deeply rooted fears and doubts in order to be an effective leader for your business. 

Taking the first jump is the hardest, but if you are working with someone who has been there and has experienced it all, fear and doubt should be manageable. You have to learn to eliminate any obstacle that causes you to progress slower to your goal. Time is money. Ultimately, time wasted is money wasted. It is lost if you are fearful and frustrated every time.


The Art of Listening to Your Clients

One great learning from her first client stuck with Ashley throughout her business coaching journey. As a coach, she learned that you really have to listen to your clients. Listening is not simply hearing them. You have to have empathy and understand their situation. 

An effective business leader knows how to listen to her clients. Hear your customers. Understand their needs. Consider what they are telling you about you and your products or services. Once people feel that you are listening to them, they will feel that you are investing in them. They will believe that you are a team and that you can work together to achieve the goals that are set.


Talking About Doubts and Fears in Entrepreneurship

So how do we overcome doubts and fears in entrepreneurship? Ashley believed in one thing that made her always choose to face her fears rather than get stuck. Fear will only paralyze you. You do not have to stay stuck because the truth is, you will only feel worse and worse when you remain in the same situation. 

Leap and the net will appear.

Surrendering and having that ultimate trust that the net will appear once you take the leap of faith and go take risks for your business. Think of the worst thing that will happen and think that at least, you took the opportunity at that moment. At the end of the day, you still gain experience and you are not the same as you were yesterday. Win or lose, you gain something for yourself. 

Let fear take the backseat. We need to find ourselves and learn to say no to fear. You know what you want and you have to drive that to be the one in control and just tell fear to get out. 

If you fear, you might as well stop for it will only paralyze you.


On Continuous Learning

Feed yourself as well. This is a secret to continuously learning in the business world. Ashley always makes sure she is enrolled in a business program or coaching. She has tried investing in a business program about business launching. She has also been investing in the last couple of years and continued even during the pandemic. She believes that iIf she is trying to do something she's never done, she will ask someone who already did it successfully. Learning from experts is always her chosen route — a whole lot faster, avoids frustration and undoubtedly the easier way.

 Another thing to remember is, to not be afraid to ask for help. Get over yourself. You need to ask for some help. When a person is growing, she will ask for help from other people. Many people have said that her business is really growing.  So how did she do it? She learned to ask for help. 

 At first, she tried very hard to do it all by herself. She spent 9 months there and didn't seem to be getting anywhere. Something inside of her was, she felt stuck at home. So she decided that she  better figure things out or else she needs to stop her business. If she won’t be able to do it now, it will never be. She got strategic. Taking investment and learning from experienced people. 

Flip the switch. Absorb and learn all things you can and use it to your own advantage. From April to August of the year she started her new strategy, her Instagram increased to 500 to 600 percent more than the original numbers. Her audience reaction also proved a lot that her business is indeed growing. She learned that inner work is really important and it isn’t all about strategies.


Ashley’s Inspiration and Motivation

Getting asked what inspires her and motivates her to grow her business, she simply said one important thing about herself. It’s the child-like wonder and awe that she always had. She always navigates life mindfully, simply looking at life like rose colored glasses. To be always excited for possibilities and to believe that anything really is possible.

It’s that curiosity of where she can go and what she can do for others. Seeing lives change and being a part of that, is so fulfilling and motivating. She wants to have a massive impact on women throughout the world. Being able to help other people can be overwhelming but that keeps her going. 


What is a Heart Entrepreneur?

Heart-based entrepreneurs are business leaders who speak from the heart. She ultimately believes that she is one, and she speaks in a feminine way that comes from the heart. Community will always consider heart based entrepreneurs because of their ability to listen and connect deeply. Women who have feminine sense and feel deeply and have the heart to serve the world are a part of the community of heart entrepreneurs.

You take the pain of the client. You do what you do and never lose the heart to serve people. Being a heart entrepreneur is challenging especially if you don’t know the nitty gritty stuff of doing business like sales, marketing, problem solving and leadership — all of which are masculine types of tasks for an entrepreneur. 



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