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Diving Into the Legal Side of Your Business

Kristy Yoder
Diving Into the Legal Side of Your Business

How secure is your company? What if someone steals your most valued content or idea and passes them off as their own? What will you do to protect your business? Learn from the story of Layne Lyons and dive into the legal side of your business and be safe. Protect your hard work and investments - get out of fear through learning legal foundations for entrepreneurs. 

Gone are the days of having to worry about the legal side of your business. Ensure that all hard work and investments stay safe and protected so nothing will stand between success and growth. Understanding the legal side of your business gives you as a busy entrepreneur peace of mind — knowing that your efforts won't be sabotaged. Leave fear behind as you focus on breaking through any barriers along your entrepreneurial journey.


Some Series of  Unfortunate Events

After 25 years of being a dedicated and successful lawyer, Layne Lyons faced an incredible challenge. Being diagnosed with chronic fatigue that left her in a motorized wheelchair, her healing journey was long but powerful. All over the world traveling to different countries and against all odds given by 13 different doctors who said she will never walk again, her determination just made her become more resilient than ever before. It led to her opening her own boutique law firm specializing in children's rights.

Discovering the incredible power of food and diet as a healer, she then sought to get certified into becoming a nutrition coach. Eager to help other women avoid fatigue, Layne leveraged her passion for nutritious organic meals while also seeking out new opportunities for entrepreneurship and a work life balance. However, she had an unfortunate encounter with a business partner that led into something horrible, causing more harm than good for her and her business.

Despite the months of hard work invested into it all, her efforts went down the drain as her business partner robbed all her ideas and concepts and ran away and took everything she worked for! Her enthusiasm was dampened but not extinguished altogether; instead she found renewed strength from having learnt an invaluable lesson about trusting a business partner along the way.

Drawing from a painful experience, she found the strength and motivation to not only protect herself but help others. She took it upon herself to create contracts specifically tailored for aspiring entrepreneurs - born out of her passion for helping people succeed and not letting their hardwork and dedication go down the drain.


What Caused Her Fatigue? 

Working hard in a noble cause can be incredibly fulfilling, but it can also be toxic and life-draining. This happened to Layne when she used to work as a lawyer protecting children. She learned that it is always important to find ways to balance your work with life. While passionately defending children who have endured sexual abuse and managing the day-to-day of running their cases was no doubt an exhausting experience, she learned after it all  that mindfulness is key. Like simply fueling up correctly by eating healthy snacks instead of vending machine treats.


An Advice on Entrepreneurs Afraid of Letting Go Overwhelming Tasks

Taking on all the tasks of your business can be a daunting prospect, but there's no need to do it alone! Surround yourself with experts in their chosen fields so that they can shoulder some of the load. Leverage this powerhouse team and create an environment where everyone brings value – enabling you to focus on what truly moves the needle forward for success. Together we thrive; let your dream team help make dreams come true!

Instead of letting yourself be overwhelmed by everything, put your energy into the things you truly care about! Not only will it make these important pursuits more rewarding for you - and bring success to those who are passionate about them - but being open minded enough to ask help from others is an honorable act. It's a win-win scenario that allows someone else their own moment in the spotlight while also allowing for some much needed self-care at times too.


No Peace of Mind in Business?

Business owners often spend too much time worrying about potential legal hiccups instead of focusing on their true goals. By taking the time to learn more about basic fundamental law practices, they can rest easy knowing that a solid and reliable foundation supports them as they take their business ventures forward with confidence. Once complete, this knowledge gives entrepreneurs invaluable freedom to focus fully on achieving ambitions for growth.

Safeguarding your business should be a top priority if you want to prevent costly legal hearings and shield yourself from unnecessary stress. Establish robust contracts with both clients and team members so that liability for any potential issues is limited, leaving you free to focus on the success of your venture. Be sure to recognize that no guarantees can ever truly protect against unforeseen circumstances, but creating clear protective guidelines will make all parties aware of their expectations going forward!

Working with the wrong legal experts can create a nightmare for some entrepreneurs too. To ensure success, it's important to have contracts that are tailored specifically to you and your business - one-size does not fit all! Get help from an expert who knows what legal matters should be included in each contract and how best to protect yourself. Don't take on complex documents alone; most people don’t understand them fully. Knowing exactly what is stated in any agreement will stop unexpected issues arising further down the line.


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