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Building a Team and Managing It Effectively

Kristy Yoder
Building a Team and Managing It Effectively

Mitch Schoenman, founder of Showtime Media, a popular creative agency specializing in branding and web design for optimal content creation will teach us essentials about building a team and managing it effectively. With the help of his wife after graduation, they started their Nashville business with an ad about social media management – then came the clients! Since February 2018 ShowTime has experienced tremendous growth due to excellent leadership skills that taught effective team building and project managing processes.

Working smarter not harder is always key when it comes to budgeting. Improving revenue while bringing on project based help can provide great value and reduce any possible mistakes that might have been made without the added assistance.

How to Build a Team

Armed with the powerful tool of Linkedin, he was able to reach out and connect with potential business opportunities. His successes came through mastering Social Media, SEO, Web Design; delivering project-based results that earned him recognition in Branding and Content Creation alike. There's no denying — Linkedin is a dynamic advantage for any entrepreneur or small business looking to grow their success.

When searching for the perfect fit for your team, make sure you have an understanding of their bandwidth - how many projects they can effectively handle and complete. Establish a reasonable number that won't lead to lower quality output or sabotage your standards. Of course if something doesn’t quite line up with client expectations don’t be afraid to talk about it as having open communication will only work in everyone's favor! Don't procrastinate when it comes time for those difficult conversations – being honest is always best and what truly matters most at the end of day.

As a business owner, it's your responsibility to ensure excellent communication with team members, clients and partners. A great way of doing this is by creating processes that are both simple enough for you to explain easily, as well as comprehensive enough to eliminate errors and meet expectations in one fell swoop. This saves time in the long run since there won't be any more mistakes or mismatched goals - just clear direction towards success.

Humility as a Business Leader

Starting a business can be difficult and at times, slow-growing. To combat this challenge, it is important to focus on growing your business through outbound sales marketing strategies and delegation of tasks - trust the experts! Having determination along with discipline are key ingredients for success; invest in yourself to produce a recipe for growth that will help you tackle any obstacles encountered down the road.

With rapid growth comes exciting milestones, but there are challenges too. As you grow, it's essential to take time and build the foundations for a smooth-running team that can navigate future successes with ease. Investing in processes now ensures successful crossroads ahead.

Create an environment of respect, equality and trust within your team. Lead with humility; speak to them in a compassionate way and make sure they know you care about their success as much as yours! Offer your support through challenging times - it will boost morale greatly!" Encourage each other's strengths – together that makes for a winning mentality.

Maintaining Individual Growth

Educating yourself in business is an ongoing journey to knowledge and self-improvement. To stay on top of things, set aside time in your schedule for activities like listening to podcasts or reading up on the stock market; these will help keep you informed while adding fuel to growth potential! You can even challenge yourself by expanding beyond marketing into business leadership books - education never stops enriching our lives. After all, learning new skills facilitates personal progress so allow it ample priority today.

To stay motivated and passionate, focus on creating achievable goals that can be completed in a short amount of time. These mini-victories will help keep you inspired towards your long term success. Passion is always an incredible power booster.

Freedom and flexibility are closer than you think! Facing the wall can be intimidating, but don't let it hold you back. The key is to take a step back - outsource tasks when possible, delegate responsibilities and hire help where needed. Not only will this free up hours in your day-to-day schedule; soon enough it'll lead to that sweet freedom and life of boundless possibilities.


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